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Want to gain experience and confidence with your driving? A Pass Plus course will not only increase your skill and awareness on the road, it will also help lower your insurance, in some circumstances by as much as £400.  

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Pass Plus is a government scheme you can do after passing your driving test. Pass Plus is not a test, rather a course, so you can't fail. Covering several modules over a minimum of 6 hours you will gain both confidence and skill. Contact Best by Far in Nuneaton today and book your place.

What is Pass Plus?

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  • Town driving

  • Country lane driving

  • All weather driving

  • Motorway driving

  • Night driving

  • Dual carriageway driving

Pass plus course includes:

Benefits of Pass Plus

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Pass plus course

"I would like to say, having experienced many car crashes as a passenger, I was very nervous and frightened in a car. Farouk was extremely patient and always explained or demonstrated manoeuvres. He never fussed or raised his voice. I passed my test 1st time and had the confidence to be driving on motorways a few days later. I would recommend him to anyone."

- Michaela Arrowsmith